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Do you have a desire to grow in your creative calling? Are you committed to developing your musicianship, acting craft, and/or artistic ability? Do you want to have opportunities to be inspired and inspire others in a network of like-minded, motivated, and brilliant people who ultimately want to have significant influence for the kingdom of God in the area of these performing arts and live production? Influencers Music and Arts Academy offers courses in all areas of the arts.

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You know where you want to go. 

you’ve been feeling it inside for a very long need a platform, a starting block, a beginning. 

well here it is. 

Now is the time to LAUNCH into the future God has for YOU !! Ignite your passion. Start your engine. 


Into Influencers Arts Academy 2019.

Worship Leaders Masterclass

Graphic Design Masterclass

Improvisation Acting Masterclass

Sound & Lighting Production Masterclass

Vocal Lessons


Acoustic Guitar



Electric Guitar

More info coming soon